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The town of Pittstown was supposedly named from Millertown to Pittstown as some kind of an insult to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I can't confirm this claim by the good folks at Wikipedia, but also cannot deny. Pittstown is also supposedly one of the first places in New York where the steel industry began. For questions about traffic law - for example, if you have received a New York speeding ticket or some other citation for passing a school bus, passing a red light, failure to stop, failure to yield, inadequate, or any of the many traffic charges you can incur while driving in Pittstown - then call attorney Randall Kehoe. Mr. Kehoe has been in the legal business since 1990 and is familiar with the courts, their climate and procedures, their prosecutors, judges, and officers in the area. This can help make the difference and relieve a lot of stress off your mind regarding your ticket as you start thinking about insurance prices, court dates, fees, license points, and license restrictions. For a free consultation, please call or complete the form provided on the right.

Rensselaer County DWI Defense

Attorney Randall Kehoe has also been handling DWI cases since the beginning of his career in 1990. These very sensitive cases put a lot on the line for the accused with Leandra's laws and required installation of alcohol-detecting devices in offenders' automobiles. For questions about your DWI case or other alcohol and other drug-related charges, feel free to contact our office by phone, email, or live chat support on our website.

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